David Foster is a Company Director with a diverse portfolio of Directorships and Advisory roles.

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Current portfolio includes:

  • Chairman of two ASX listed companies
  • Chairman of Federal Government Entity
  • Non Executive Director in industries including:
  • Financial Services
    Professional Services
  • Experience in IPO listings and turnarounds
  • Chair of various committees – Audit and Risk, Nominations and
  • Remuneration, Technology

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With 25 years experience in Financial Services, David has a broad range of skills and experiences relevant to a variety of industries.

Including Financial Services, Property, Retail, Gaming and Professional Services








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David’s last executive role was CEO of Suncorp Bank.

Where he assumed the role, shortly before the Lehmann Brothers collapse, and led the Bank through a highly volatile period. This included the turnaround
of its Retail, SME and Agri businesses and managing down $18b in problem, and non-core assets, to maximize shareholder capital outcomes.

In addition to 5 1/2 years as CEO of Suncorp Bank, David had other
Senior roles such as Group Executive Strategy, during the acquisition of
Promina Limited, – one of Australia’s largest Financial services transactions.

Prior to Suncorp David had over 14 years at Westpac Banking Corporation in a
number of Senior roles in Sydney and Queensland.

David is qualified with: B.AppSci, MBA, SFFin, FAIM, GAICD and has also
attended programs at Wharton, IMD, MIT, Insead and Kellogg.


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David’s experience spans a number of areas:

  • Customer & Brand Strategy, Segmentation, Marketing, Product Management and Sales
  • Distribution strategy and optimization (including digital)
  • Financial, capital and debt management
  • Technology and digital strategy, investment and implementation
  • Transactional experience with mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • Investment markets experience in equity and debt markets
  • Business turnarounds and crisis management
  • Operational efficiency and supply chain management, including partnering and outsourcing
  • Asian experience including strategy development for growth, partnering and offshoring
  • Regulation and compliance management and oversight
  • ASX company governance including Board roles, subsidiaries and joint ventures
  • Risk management, governance and implementation experience
  • Change leadership and management